split with Hand & Knee

by Frataxin

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my half of the split with Hand & Knee.

his half here: handandknee.bandcamp.com/album/hand-and-knee-frataxin-split


released April 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Frataxin New Jersey


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Track Name: Clear Fluids
Building characters in reverse
Like suicide
Making up names
Placing value here and there

Character building from the inside out
Devoid of any plausible meaning
Seeds sewn and stones thrown by man

Don’t create the change you wish to see in the world
Let hatred consume every ounce of your being
Lower yourself to my platitude and starve along with me

Handful of flesh and hair
Blood leaking from clenched jaws
The body lies beneath to be controlled

Contorted, gesticulated, disfigured, gaping holes and sores
Bone marrow replicated, features replaced with crude reconfigurations of what once was

This is not the face you fell in love with
This is not my flesh
This is not me
Track Name: Ropa Sucia
When will you tell the truth?
It’s less of a question of whether they can handle it
Can you?
Are you conditioned to believe the happy, uncompromisingly positive shit rhetoric provided by Disney movies?
Have you fostered an identity entirely on lies?

This is your fault
You did this
You are to blame
Admit it
Instilling false hope into the minds of dying children

So, tell me:
Who will finally tell the crippled children they are going to die?
Someone as weak as you cannot

Hiding behind a white coat and a tie
Coffee breath
The epitome of cowardice
You ought to be fucking ashamed of yourself and the fantasy you perpetuate, but you pay no mind

All is well as long as children are pacified into grasping false hope

None of this is real
Utter fucking nonsense
You pathetic piece of human waste
Claiming to care about the lives you hold in the palm of your calloused hands
All the while perpetuating the same exact lie as always

As it has been

So, tell me again:
Who will tell the crippled children the truth?
That death awaits
Death is the only escape
Death is real and hope is a pathetic attempt at retaining control over something so much bigger than you

This is and has been much more than a person like you will ever understand
Your child is nothing more than a fucking statistic in a textbook on a shelf and a dirty hospital gown
Now get over it